Proper foot care will keep you on your toes

Feet are remarkable things. They account for more than one-quarter of your body's 206 bones: 26 in each foot – plus two sesamoids (bones embedded within a tendon)! Each foot also has 33 joints, which work with a complex array of muscles and tendons every time you take a step. Your feet don't just take you from place to place. In addition to making you mobile, your feet help you balance, support your body, and act as your body's shock absorbers, enduring enormous amounts of pressure every day. With that much going on below your knees, it's no surprise that feet may need some care and attention.

Your feet need the same type of the care as the rest of your body:
Keep your feet clean. Wash them daily, and dry them off before putting on socks or shoes.

If your skin is dry and prone to cracking, use a moisturizing cream on your feet at least once a day – but don’t moisturize between your toes because it won’t dry properly. A common problem with dry skin on feet is cracked heels.

Cut toenails straight across and don’t dig down the sides.

Change your shoes every day. This benefits your feet and your shoes. Inside your shoes, it’s dark, warm and wet: a perfect place for bacteria and fungus to grow. It takes 24 hours for your shoes to dry out after you’ve worn them for a day. Letting them air out and dry reduces the chances of developing foot problems. And your shoes will actually last longer because it takes about 24 hours for the materials in the shoe to recover from being walked on.

People with special medical conditions need to take special care of their feet, and may need professional help looking after their feet.

One of the most important things you can do for your feet is to put them in good shoes.

Wear sunscreen: It is the best for you to wear sunscreen on the tops of the feet. This is one of the most fundamental foot care tips you should know. You had better apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen, which is equipped with the SPF index of at least 30, to the feet when you out with barefoot or wear open sandals.

Keep on running: Running is also a way to improve your foot conditions because when running, you achieve foot flexibility. However, learn to run in the right way, warm up first then run, if not you will get much tension on your calf and have higher risks of leg injuries.

Avoid foot odor: Very important! Foot odor can be referred to how good your food hygiene is. Logically, foot odor is linked to some bacteria that make you loose confidence and anxiety. Thus, care about this foot issue and handle it for good for better foot conditions.

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